The Law Office Milovanović was established in 2007. Immediately after our establishment, we started exclusive cooperation with the international auditing and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”). Exclusivity in cooperation with PwC lasted until 2022.

Participating in the work of multidisciplinary consulting teams allowed us to view challenges faced by our clients from different angles, and to adopt basic principles of analysis and communication that other consultants use in their work.

When the scope of work does not require exclusive engagement of teams, choosing an attorney instead of a team enables working with an individual who is able to understand the needs, challenges, and perspectives of the client, accompany him in the business and be an integral part thereof.

The commitment to socially responsible behavior by individuals and other social entities is crucial for ensuring the lasting and sustainable progress of society. Without it, the credibility of our individual achievements becomes uncertain. That’s precisely why we endeavor to align our actions in our work with the overall well-being of the society in which we operate and grow.

Practice Areas

Law Office Milovanović has provided advisory legal assistance to clients in relation to numerous and diverse issues in the field of corporate and commercial law, including matters in the field of corporate governance, in all stages of company lifecycles.

During our many years of experience, we provided advisory support to clients in the processes of acquiring or selling shares in companies, assets of companies, including disposal of various rights belonging to the company. We also have experience in consulting joint business ventures.

Our experience includes supporting clients in the process of negotiating legal aspects of numerous and diverse commercial contracts, i.e., drafting, analysing and amending contracts in accordance with the client’s needs and requirements of a specific legal work.

During our previous work, we have advised banks for the disposal of portfolios of receivables whose collection is problematic, the Deposit Insurance Agency when disposing portfolios of banks in bankruptcy, as well as the bank when disposing of portfolios of receivables that are duly collected.

During our operations, we advised clients on regulatory requirements when entering the market of the Republic of Serbia, we analysed the compliance of operations of clients who were already present on the market and advised them when restructuring their business models.

We have experience in advising employers from various commercial fields and business activities, both those that require high qualifications, specific knowledge and skills of their employees, and employers whose activities are labour-intensive, with many employees in production.


According to the statement of the Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, Dragana Stanić, one of the strategic goals of the Republic of Serbia in the coming period will be to join SEPA. Based on some previous statements that could be heard in the media, this work is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.
Following a period of ambiguity surrounding the extent of the requirement to authenticate documents in legal dealings between the Republic of Serbia and the United Arab Emirates, this uncertainty was dispelled through the informal alignment of differing stances among state representatives.


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