Employment & Labour Law

We have worked with consultants in the field of accounting, tax, and human resources in relation to various labour law matters that intersect and complement their areas of expertise. Such cooperation enabled us to acquire the skills of a comprehensive overview of issues regarding work and labour relations, i.e. better understanding of challenges faced by employers and employees.

We had the opportunity to seek flexible solutions to certain labour related issues with employers with specific requirements in business.

We created different models of employment contracts that the employer then, quickly and simply adapted to the specifics of a particular workplace as needed. In this manner, we achieved greater efficiency in the management of work processes and employees, and consistency of labour related documentation with employers. We also drew up complex labour contracts with management, and other employees who were particularly important for the employer due to their specific knowledge and skills.

We drew up contracts on the rights and obligations of the director in situations when it was not necessary to establish an employment relationship, thus it was possible, and useful, to regulate the rights and obligations between the employer and the director in a manner that goes beyond the scope of the Labour Law. In such situations, we adjusted joint and individual requests of interested parties so that their interests are realized to the greatest extent possible.

We drafted general and individual labour related acts of employers, especially employment rulebooks and systematizations of workplaces, but also all other acts necessary for full compliance of employers with laws and other regulations. We harmonized general acts of employers, i.e., our clients in Serbia with various policies, procedures, rulebooks, and instructions applied in the business group to which the employer belongs, taking care not to lose the meaning of the said acts of the group and to achieve the desired effect. When drafting general acts, we tried to ensure transparency, clarity, and expediency of all employer’s processes, and to respond to specific needs of employers in relation to work and labour relations. We took care to draft general acts so as to provide maximum cost-effectiveness and practicality of the legal and labour administration.

We assisted clients in procedures of unilateral termination of employment contracts and prepared the necessary documentation for their implementation, especially considering the delicacy of the processes and sensitivity to procedural errors that may affect their successful conclusion. We have tried to ensure that our clients always have the advantage of prior advising and planning, proper documentation of the case and logical argumentation.

We helped employers manage the process and draft documentation in the event of redundancy.

We helped clients when terminating employment by mutual agreement. This service included the negotiation of terms of mutual termination of the employment relationship and the drafting of the agreement itself. We took care to effectively ensure the interests of our clients both during the agreement negotiation process, and during its implementation.

We helped employers when terminating the employment with directors and other members of the management, as well as directors and other members of the management in negotiating terms of ending the employment with employers. We protected the interests of clients, particularly regarding the requirements that must be met by the end of the employment, protection of confidentiality of certain data and reputation, protection of continuity of business processes and entire business, monetary compensations, and in terms of various conditions that were achieved by prohibiting certain actions after terminating the employment. Our task was to ensure smooth transfer of authorities and responsibilities, i.e., the continuity of management and operations during changes in client management.

We helped employers during implementation of various bonus schemes, as well as programs of additional benefits for employees, including programs that allowed employees, under certain conditions, to acquire ownership in the employer’s founder or the employer itself. Our task was, based on the employer’s perceived intention, to create such bonus schemes and programs that would be perfectly clear and transparent to their users, thus avoiding any potential uncertainty and different interpretation thereof.

We represented clients in various labour disputes.

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