Corporate transactions

We have consulted clients starting from the stage of preparing a company for sale (when we were engaged by sellers), or from the stage of legal examination of a company that a party wishes to acquire (when we were engaged by buyers), up to the fulfilment of conditions precedent from the transaction contract, i.e., up to the moment of the transfer of ownership of the share in the company. Our experience includes negotiations on the legal terms of the transaction and drawing up the entire transaction documentation, the essence of which is the transaction contract itself. During complex transactions, we drew up shareholders agreements regulating their future relations arising as a result of the sale and purchase of the company, i.e., regulating the future governance of the company.

In these transactions, we regularly collaborated with other teams of consultants who advised buyers and sellers on financial, tax, organizational, technical and HR aspects of the transaction. Owing to such experience, we possess the competence of a comprehensive understanding of transactions, i.e., understanding the connection and conditionality of legal and other aspects of sale and purchase of companies.

Taking into account our experience in sale and purchase transactions, and the fact that a number of transactions require engagement of larger teams, in this area we can contribute to solving specific challenges of the transaction, and we can also be engaged in some of its individual segments or in the capacity of a “silent advisor” whose role would be to provide an additional level of security for the buyer or the seller during the transaction. For smaller-scale transactions, our engagement can be comprehensive.

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