Practice Areas

Law Office Milovanović has provided advisory legal assistance to clients in relation to numerous and diverse issues in the field of corporate and commercial law, including matters in the field of corporate governance, in all stages of company lifecycles.

During our many years of experience, we provided advisory support to clients in the processes of acquiring or selling shares in companies, assets of companies, including disposal of various rights belonging to the company. We also have experience in consulting joint business ventures.

Our experience includes supporting clients in the process of negotiating legal aspects of numerous and diverse commercial contracts, i.e., drafting, analysing and amending contracts in accordance with the client’s needs and requirements of a specific legal work.

During our previous work, we have advised banks for the disposal of portfolios of receivables whose collection is problematic, the Deposit Insurance Agency when disposing portfolios of banks in bankruptcy, as well as the bank when disposing of portfolios of receivables that are duly collected.

During our operations, we advised clients on regulatory requirements when entering the market of the Republic of Serbia, we analysed the compliance of operations of clients who were already present on the market and advised them when restructuring their business models.

We have experience in advising employers from various commercial fields and business activities, both those that require high qualifications, specific knowledge and skills of their employees, and employers whose activities are labour-intensive, with many employees in production.

After the issue of personal data protection was actualized by the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation at the EU level, and the Law on Personal Data Protection in Serbia, we helped numerous clients to harmonize their business with the new regulatory requirements.

Our starting point in representing clients is based on a timely and complete analysis of available legal and factual circumstances of the case, as well as open and transparent assessment of the possible outcomes of the procedure.

Our approach involves the application of know-how acquired during our many years of cooperation with experts in the field of finance, accounting and tax, which we rely on when dealing with white-collar litigation.


Considering our extensive background in legal counseling accumulated over many years of work, we firmly believe that we can make a valuable impact on enhancing the decision-making process for company executives. Given the daily occurrence of various legal issues that executives need to address, our expertise can play a crucial role in improving the overall efficiency of their decisions.

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