About Angles

During almost two decades of its existence, the Law Office Milovanović has cooperated with numerous consultants to overcome various business challenges faced by our clients, which pertained not only to legal, but also tax, accounting, financial, organizational and HR aspects of business.

Overcoming such challenges required simultaneous consideration of different angles of business, i.e., their connected, cause-and-effect interpretation, in order to harmonize the comprehensive business interests of clients and eliminate or minimize all identified risks.

In such events, it is necessary to consider the connection of legal expertise with the expertise of other consultants and advise clients comprehensively. Participating in the work of multidisciplinary consulting teams allowed us to view challenges faced by our clients from different angles, and to adopt basic principles of analysis and communication that other consultants use in their work.

Finally, this kind of experience is a guarantee of our effective cooperation both with employees of our clients who represent their internal resources, and their external consultants – cooperation in which “communication noise” among various stakeholders and service providers is minimized, and the possibility of their synergistic action is significantly increased.

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