Dispute Resolution

When representing clients in disputes, we are focused on achieving maximum efficiency, striving on the one hand to free the procedure from redundant analyses and explanations, and to direct the focus of our activities on the facts and circumstances crucial for defending the position of our clients, and on the other hand, trying to effectively position the focus of the discussion in the decision-making zone. In other words, we insist that the extensiveness of argumentation should be a function of the actual needs of the case by taking into account, at all times, the rational use of our clients’ resources and the final outcome of the procedure.

We pay special attention to the detailed analysis of evidentiary facts and their systematic presentation in the procedure, as well as to the careful analysis of expert witness findings and their efficient use in the procedure.

Our experience in representation includes proceedings for compensation of damages, collection of claims, infringement of trademarks and establishment of the existence of various rights of our clients. We represented clients from the position of both the defendant and the plaintiff in all stages of court proceedings.

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